Thirteenth-Spring-14-Solo-SQWhy, hello again!

As you may have guessed by now, my name is Jenn and I like to tell people about great stuff that will make their lives better.

I’ve partnered with companies ranging from small businesses and startups such as my current employer, OB1, to larger organizations such as Nestle-Purina, EmersonDuck Tape, Yelp and Ridemakerz (a sister company of Build-a-Bear) to help them tell folks about the excellent products and services they offer.

In 2011 I won a multimedia spokesperson role with one of St. Louis’ largest credit unions, Vantage Credit Union, as the Young & Free Spokester which was an incredible opportunity to publicly represent a brand I already knew and loved using my own image and personality. That was an amazing experience that allowed me to combine all my marketing, communications, social media and video production skills into a single role!

In 2013 chose to take that skill set on the road to support a wider variety of my friends and clients and work for myself full time as a marketing and video production freelancer. You can see some examples of my work from this time here.

That was also fun, but I found myself looking for something different. Something bizarre. Where I landed in 2016 was at OB1, the international team building the decentralized Bitcoin marketplace OpenBazaar. ….close enough, right? I couldn’t be happier helping this team build a tool that is not just functionally rebuilding the way that we can buy and sell online, but how we can use the internet. You can read more about our work on our website ob1.io.

I enjoy all forms of communicating–especially in art and online–and my skills include business planning, creative problem solving, multimedia creation (including graphic design and writing), being behind the camera, being in front of the camera (okay, okay, being pretty much anywhere NEAR a camera!) and constantly exploring the people, businesses and stories connected through the immensely popular worldwide web.